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Kitchens Canberra

We provide a professional, national kitchen design and manufacture service and we guarantee your satisfaction.

We provide a professional kitchen design and manufacturing service and we guarantee your satisfaction.


Kitchens Canberra from Creative by Design, we understand that a functional kitchen comes down to quality kitchen design, it can make your life easy. We go that extra mile to ensure that every little detail in your custom kitchen adds to the overall appeal of the space. We have been supplying kitchens and kitchen design to Canberra for many years


Kitchen Services

Our services include:

  • Kitchens Canberra design consultancy
  • Reviewing existing plans on different parameters
  • Budget guidance for kitchen remodeling
  • Concept creation and space planning
  • Design drawings
  • Product sourcing
  • Kitchen design
  • Selection of colours and textures for different surfaces


7 Reasons to Choose Creative by Design

  • A team of skilled and experienced designers and technicians
  • Use of high quality products for construction
  • Adherence to the quality standards of Australia
  • End to end kitchen design services
  • Work on residential and commercial kitchens
  • Custom kitchen design
  • Transparent no-obligation quotes and friendly service


Contact us for functional, visually stunning and top quality kitchen designs. Call 1300 366 222 to book an appointment with us today.

Consultation: We schedule an initial consultation to understand your requirements. We follow it up with a survey of your property. This gives us an in depth understanding of your space and helps us in creating a meticulous design.

Analysis: After our initial meeting and site visit, our design team gets together to analyse all the requirements. This gives us a strong base in coming up with a customised kitchen design. We then prepare the first draft of the design.

Budget: The next stage is budgeting. The cost depends as much on your budget as on the requirements of your space. We always make sure that you get the best quality within your budget. Before beginning the design process, we take your approval on the budget.

Design: After you approve the budget, we prepare the final draft of the kitchen. We respect your suggestions and include them in the design in order to give you a space you will fall in love with. Your suggestions are taken at every stage of the design process. We offer multiple revisions until you are happy with the design.

Installation: Once the final plan is approved, our team visits your premises to begin installing your dream kitchen.

Finish and clean up: The final step of the process is to add the final touches to your new kitchen and cleaning up the space. After the job is done, we ensure that it looks sparkling clean and extremely attractive before we leave the premises.

At Creative by Design, we are specialists in kitchen manufacturing. We have a well equipped in-house manufacturing facility and a skilled team that puts together various kitchen accessories and parts to create your dream kitchen. With the use of advanced equipment (such as computerised wood working machines), we make sure that every kitchen we put together is meticulous and completely customised.

At our kitchens workshop, we start the manufacturing process by understanding your requirements. Based on the initial analysis, we create a 3D image of the kitchen. These computerised images are highly accurate and give you a clear picture of how your kitchen will look after construction. You can view the kitchen design from different angles as well.

With advanced precision machining techniques, we are able to add minute details including design of close drawer systems, shelf supports, other hardware and hinges, and add a high level of precision to the design. You can see how exactly your kitchen is going to look even before the work begins. This process helps us keep costs down, which in turn helps us give you a cost effective quote. It also gives us the flexibility to model and remodel the space as per your requirements. Once the basic model is created, we use CNC machines to manufacture the kitchen to your liking with high precision drilling, profiling, cutting and rebating.

The final step of the process is assembly. After all the components are manufactured, our team assembles each piece carefully under the supervision of a qualified and experienced manager. Every component is inspected for quality before being assembled.

Our national kitchens team comes up with excellent kitchen designs that suit your tastes and space.

We offer:

  • Fully custom kitchen manufacturing
  • End to end service from designing and building to assembly
  • High quality materials tested for functionality and durability
  • Punctual completion of the job
  • Dedicated manager to ensure adherence to quality and schedule
  • Professional and friendly customer service
  • Clear pricing and no-obligation quotes
  • Our team of expert kitchen technicians is our biggest strength
  • We adapt to new technologies and constantly enhance our skills
  • We make use of the latest and the best kitchen manufacturing techniques to give you the most functional and customised spaces