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Creative Wardrobes Canberra Our highly trained home storage solution experts are available to help you create custom wardrobe design solutions. Please call us for impressive solutions in you dressing room or walk in robe anywhere in Canberra . have been manufacturing built in wardrobes and custom built in robes for over 20 years.

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  • Let us help you start your day with a bespoke designer wardrobe that allows you to be organised and practical. We can provide any finish of materials that you require. With our help you can make choices that will compliment your home.
  • With client needs changing over time we have expanded our range of home storage, What was once Creative wardrobes Canberra is now Creative by design. Creative by design is a full service bespoke joinery offering beautifully fitted furniture for your entire home. Please view our other pages to see how versatile we are. We do so much more than custom wardrobes.
  • To describe us simply, all of our furniture will be designed and fitted according to the available space and shape of your room, Your materials choice and your storage needs. We are the experts that can maximize amount of storage space out of the most awkward of angles. Even in a tiny room. All of our bedrooms are designed around your needs.
  • Creative By Designs bespoke fitted wardrobe can reach from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall. Creative By Design specialize in fitting the most awkward shaped room. Inside all of our custom wardrobes the storage space has been convenient designed to maximize your available storage.  All of our modern storage solutions are manufactured with you in mind. Creative By Design tailor to suit your needs and requirements. When it comes to fitting, we will further personalize each and every wardrobe to your room or space. The result will be beautifully fitted furniture.