Creating beautifully designed & functional storage solutions for over 30 years...


Traditional to sleek contemporary, and from rustic to sophisticated wardrobes, we design them all.


Our wardrobes are meticulously crafted and precisely measured. The highlights of our service include:

  • A wide range of wardrobe designs
  • Complete bespoke designs
  • Cost efficient wardrobes
  • High quality finishes for style, functionality and durability
  • Designs with maximised storage space
  • On time completion of design and construction
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Clear no-obligation quotes
  • Prompt and effective customer service

Make a smart choice by hiring Creative by Design for your wardrobes.

Contact us for high quality bespoke wardrobes or call 1300 366 222 for a free consultation and quote.

Built in Wardrobes are not just functional elements in your room; they play a major role in defining the look of your space. At Creative by Design, we create custom built in wardrobes that are visually appealing, spacious, stylish, functional and durable.

We consider both the visual appeal and the functionality of wardrobes in all our designs. Over the years in business, we have designed numerous types of wardrobes. From traditional to sleek contemporary, and from rustic to sophisticated wardrobes, we design them all.

At Creative by Design, we specialise in designing different types of wardrobes including sliding wardrobes, hinged wardrobes and walk in wardrobes. When designing a wardrobe, we focus on making the most of the space, easy access, ease of maintenance and durability.

Whatever the type of wardrobe, we design them to meet your requirements. Be it the choice of materials used or the shape and size of the wardrobe, we make sure that they are convenient for you.

We ensure that the wardrobes blend in with the interior decor of the room and enhance its visual appeal. Make a style statement in your space with custom designed wardrobes from Creative by Design.

Confused about the choice of wardrobe for your space? We can help. At Creative by Design, we consider various factors including the way the wardrobe is used, storage requirements, the space available as well as how the rest of the room is used before suggesting the best wardrobe design. Every wardrobe has its unique benefits and we can help you make the right choice.