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Wall Beds

Creative by Design wall beds come in a variety of finish options, so when folded away, they match the decor of that particular room.


Creative by Design specialize in wall beds solutions and find the perfect space-saving bed solutions to suit your needs. The performance and adaptability of our wall beds are pretty amazing! Creative by Design supply custom Murphy bed and stylish wall beds that revitalize your area from a room that looks sophisticated in the daytime to a room that is equally functional and comfy throughout the night, within a few mere seconds! A Creative by Design wall bed is created to effortlessly fit into any room, lounge, office or anywhere in your home.

Whether you are renting or own your own home, our wall beds are designed to easily integrate into any recessed wall space or fir against any wall and can even be fitted with desks or bookshelves on the other side when the bed is hidden away. Don’t worry if you have low ceilings inside your home, Creative by Design can supply you with wall beds mounted on their side so they occupy much less vertical wall space! We have a solution for everything! If your children have friends over to stay you can simply pull down the wall bed and they instantly have somewhere to sleep. You can even leave the bedding inside the wall bed so you don’t have to make up the bed.

Creative by Design wall beds come in a variety of finish options, so when folded away, they match the decor of that particular room. Our wall beds range of face style options can accommodate any number of existing interior decoration styles so the design continuity remains in your home.

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Creative by Design wall beds come in all the same sizes as conventional beds but on top of that we can offer you the choice of incorporating side tables, bookcases or desks for example. Contact us for further information on the multitude of combinations available for your wall bed! Creative by Design can also supply you with just the mechanisms so you can design and build your own wall bed. No other supplier will do this.

At Creative by Design, we think that even beds that are only used occasionally should be as comfortable as your main bed. When you purchase a wall bed from Creative by Design you can be sure that you will get a perfect night’s sleep, every time you use it. That doesn’t mean however that these beds are designed to only be used occasionally, far from it. Our wall beds are extremely well made, durable beds that can be used every night just like a traditional bed.

It’s a bit of a laborious task having to help make up an additional bed for any visitor or member of the family at a minutes’ notice! Well you can forget that if you buy a wall bed. This is one of the major benefits, a readymade bed, ready to sleep on in seconds, Just fold it out. When you wake up or you have finished using it, just fold your bed away! It’s that simple to use even youngsters can operate our wall beds.

Creative by Design have thoroughly checked the safety specifications of our products to ensure we completely conform to Australian standards. We are 100% certain that Creative by Design wall beds are safe and secure, easy to use, reliable, quality beds!

Creative by Design have worked diligently with wall beds Australia to enhanced the flip down bed equipment through the years including the effectiveness and strength of the framework along with the weight baring potential of our wall bed counterbalance system. These advantages allow the operator to generate several different ways to conceal the face area of the wall bed when the bed is folded away. With the ability to carry plenty of weight, owners have attached LCD TV’s, stereo systems, mirrors, you name it. These beds are solid and often better than a lot of traditional beds on the market. thank you for your support.